Why you should think twice before purchasing a trampoline

| June 09, 2014

Trampolines can provide hours of fun; however, trampolines are trouble from an insurance perspective. In a recent study from the Indiana University School of Medicine, trampolines
were linked to more than 1 million ER visits in the past decade.

If your insurance company learns you have a trampoline, your insurance rate will “jump” to cover the increased chance of injury. Your insurance company may:

  • Cancel your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Continue to insure your home but exclude the trampoline (which means you aren’t covered for any trampoline-related accidents or injuries)
  • Require you to enclose your trampoline on all sides with a safety net
  • Insist you remove the trampoline to maintain your policy with them

Most trampoline-related injuries involve colliding with another person on the trampoline, landing improperly while doing jumps or stunts, and falling or jumping off the trampoline. Make jumping safer by supervising and limiting the number of jumpers, and place the trampoline on a level, open area away from any other structures.

Before buying a trampoline for your home, give us a call to ensure you’re covered under your homeowner’s policy.