Meet the team: Thomas

| March 13, 2016

We are thrilled to introduce the newest agent in our office—Thomas Comstock. Before joining the All Lines team, Thomas spent nearly six years keeping the skies safe in Florida and Afghanistan as an air traffic controller, an ATC trainer, and a U.S. Air Force veteran.

A true nomad, Thomas has lived in two countries, five states, eight cities, and 15 homes in 31 years! He was born in Hawaii and raised in Spokane, where he graduated from North Central High School. He holds an AAS from North Idaho College and dual bachelors degrees in Psychology and Organizational Science from the University of Idaho.

Thomas is an unabashed beer snob and occasional outdoor adventurer who loves hiking, biking, gaming, and spending time with his children. He’s also an avid reader who enjoys a variety of genres: fantasy, biology, psychology, philosophy, theology, and self-improvement. If someone compliments you the next time you’re in the office, it’s probably Thomas; he has a habit of giving compliments to random people just to make them smile. Feel free to introduce yourself to him if you stop by the office!