Kellee's Costa Rican adventure

| March 26, 2017

We did our best to escape the winter blues in January this year. Eleven of my friends and I all headed down south to beautiful, warm Tamarindo, Costa Rica! Located on the Northwestern Coast of Costa Rica, it’s the perfect mix of beach life and exotic jungle. The locals are all very friendly and very proud of their country.

Our condo sat on a second story hill area, so our view was spectacular. We even had howler monkeys bustling around in the trees close to our deck. It was fun to watch them go from tree to tree, eating the leaves and such. There were pretty birds and tons of iguana lizards everywhere. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a sloth, but no luck.

The town of Tamarindo has plenty of little shops and a wide variety of different restaurants and bars. The great part was that many of them were within walking distance. One adventure we took was about two hours away by bus, so we couldn't walk to it, but we wound up some curvy mountain roads into the jungle area. Here we could zipline through the high mountain trees, go down a cold water slide through the jungle, ride horses, and end up in a hot springs area dipped back in the jungle. It was amazing.

Even though we only saw a small portion of the country, it was enough to know we will definitely be going back someday. If you’re looking for a new place to travel, I highly recommend you put Costa Rica on the list. Pura Vida!