Cameron's wedding day

| June 12, 2017

I met Ashlee when I started working as a cook at her mom’s restaurant, Shan’s Grill. After working together for a year, I talked Ashlee into letting me cook for her. Two daughters, two houses, and ten years later, we were married in May.

When I decided to propose, I arranged a surprise dinner at Clinkerdagger’s and left the engagement ring with the head chef so he could incorporate it with the dessert. The plan was that the waitress would bring out the burnt cream with the ring displayed on the plate and I would propose.

Ashlee had no idea what I had planned when we got to the restaurant. Dessert came out to the table - there was no ring! I started to panic, and Ashlee could tell something was wrong, so I excused myself to find the manager. He found the actual burnt cream and came running around the corner. In his hurry, he collided with a waitress and almost sent the dessert (and the ring) flying! My heart was going a million miles an hour at that point. He made the save, delivered the dessert, and Ashlee saw this beautiful ring displayed on top of the dessert. I then got on one knee, and she said yes.

This spring, we had a very small ceremony in our back yard with our parents and grandparents. Our beautiful daughters were our flower girls. We later celebrated with all of our friends and family at a reception in the Five Mile Grange. We’re thinking of honeymooning in Bora Bora, but we might have to wait another 10 years for that.