Superior Spokane Classic Car Insurance

No one knows better than you the amount of time, energy and money you've invested in your classic car -- an investment that's constantly at risk whether your vehicle is in use, on show, in transportation, or even stored in your garage.

So you'll understand the importance of having the best possible classic car insurance or vintage car insurance in place to protect that investment and recoup it if necessary. And if you exhibit your vehicle, it's not only exposed to greater risk of damage but you're also open to the possibility of liability claims if anyone is injured by or around your car.

You can't possibly settle for conventional auto insurance under these circumstances. In particular, you don’t want to overpay if you rarely or never drive your vehicle on the highway. You need classic car insurance or vintage car insurance that takes account of the way your vehicle is used and the way its value changes over time.

In that case, you need All Lines Insurance, the Spokane specialists for classic car insurance and vintage car insurance throughout Washington.

Customized Vintage Car Insurance

At All Lines Insurance, we don't deliver classic car insurance and vintage car insurance protection "off-the-shelf". Instead we customize protection that takes accounts of both your needs and your budget. This can include:

  • Agreed value coverage -- you get the full pre-agreed payout, not a partial one based on someone else's estimate.
  • Lower rates if you don’t use your car full time, with generous mileage limits.
  • Roadside assistance -- flat-bed transportation if you breakdown.

There's much more, of course. Our Spokane classic car insurance specialists will work with you to tailor a plan that precisely fits your requirements.

Find out now how little it costs to be well-protected by All Lines Insurance. Complete the Free Quote Request form on this page. It costs nothing and there's no commitment, but we think you'll be impressed.