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All Lines Insurance Blog: September 2015 



Do College Students Need Renters Insurance?



College students bring a lot of things to campus: laptop, textbooks, microwave, bicycle, and clothing. What happens if any of these things are destroyed, lost or stolen while your child is away at school?

Is anything covered by your insurance? Maybe. If your college student lives in a dorm room on campus, your homeowner’s policy will extend to cover the items he or she takes to school, up to a 10% limit on your total coverage for personal property.

For example, if your homeowner's policy has a $100,000 limit on personal property, your child's possessions will be covered for up to $10,000 while they’re on campus. Keep in mind that coverage is subject to your policy's deductible.

Unfortunately, your insurance coverage will not extend to your child's things if your son or daughter lives off campus in their own apartment or house. In this case, we recommend your child purchase their own renter’s insurance policy to ensure their belongings are properly covered.

A renter’s policy typically offers three types of protection:

1. Personal Property: Covers your child’s possessions in the event of fire, theft or vandalism

2. Liability: Protects your child against a claim or lawsuit if a guest is injured while visiting the property

3. Additional Living Expense: Pays for temporary housing and meals if your child is unable to stay in their rental while   it’s repaired after a covered loss 

Renters policies are incredibly affordable, usually less than $10 per month to cover thousands of dollars of personal belongings. Having renter’s insurance means your child is in good shape if their roommate leaves the coffee pot plugged in and starts a fire. Their destroyed belongings will be covered, and they’ll be reimbursed if they have to stay in a hotel while the fire damage is repaired.

School is starting soon! Give us a call at 509-327-1658, and we'll make sure your student is covered before heading back to campus. For more information please click here.

How to Store Your RV This Fall

With September’s arrival, you've probably thought about storing your summer toys, like your RV. Whether you decide to store it in your driveway or at a storage facility, follow these simple steps to ensure your RV is in its best condition when spring rolls back around.

1. Remember to follow your RV manufacturer's instructions as models may vary.

2. Check rubber seals, gaskets, and windows to prevent rain and snow from leaking in.

3. Turn cushions on edge to prevent mold and mildew. Remove anything that retains water.

4. Drain your RV's water system. Fill the water system with antifreeze to protect it through the winter.

5. Fill gas tank to minimize condensation. Add a fuel stabilizer.

6. Change oil and oil filter to protect your engine from impurities.

7. Close the propane valve, or remove the propane tank from your RV. Light a stove top burner inside the RV and let it burn until all the propane is removed from the gas.

8. Disconnect the battery. Disconnect battery cables and turn off all battery switches, or remove the battery completely. Store the battery in a cool, dry place.

9. Turn off refrigerator and defrost it. Remove all perishable items from the refrigerator and pantry. Leave the refrigerator door and all other interior doors open to allow for proper ventilation.

10. Close windows and blinds.

11. Cover your RV and install tire covers. Sun exposure can cause your tires to crack and deteriorate if your RV is stored outside.

12. Block all wheels securely so your vehicle won't roll.

13. Change your RV insurance coverage. You can temporarily reduce selected coverages such as Bodily Injury and Collision while your RV is in storage. Your RV will still be insured if anything happens to it while in storage, but you will be able to save some money by reducing your coverages. Just give us a call at 509-327-1658, and we will be happy to change your coverage!

If you need more information on RV Insurance, please click here


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